November 23-30:  “Victorious November”

First Trip “Victorious November”

Aren't you excited?

For the first time in our conservative world, we have a fine, beautiful and classy event that will let us be together and share our common world vision. We will gather in a dreamy place, eat the best and most healthy ingredients and the finest wine, while we go out, watch the scenes, nature and the city, or relax in our beautiful house and talk together, think about new ideas, and grow our personalities. A cozy friendship that will come out of these meetings and new strategies that we will find are so precious that no money can buy it.

Ella & team


Dtate & Time

November 23, 2018 - November 30, 2018

12:00 pm - 11:00 am

Exact location to be announced


Montepulciano is one of Italy’s most scenographic spots which have attracted the attention of numerous tourists in the world. This ancient city looks like one of the pages on history books. You can imagine Italian fine vineyards and the joy of people walking around, working, talking, drinking and dancing.

Amongst these vineyards, there are many castles and master villas hidden in natures gracious arms. The location of our first event will be one of these castles or villas which are mostly renewed inside and enjoy a mix of ancient and historic architecture together with the comfort and beauty of the modern furniture.




As you see, natural panoramas in Montepulciano are magnificent.




Don’t you just love what you see? Imagine walking through these gorgeous eye sights together, exchange our beliefs then return to our beautiful place where a table with all these olives, pepperoni, tomatoes, and other ingredients just cut from the tree and many other programs of the day are waiting for us.