Our payment methods are all set up and you can pay either by your credit cards, PayPal, stripe, or a direct wire. We are also working on setting up a Bitcoin payment. However,  as we stated before, to avoid strange guests who are not aligned with our “Great Awakening” beliefs and to deliver the best service, we monitor our guests before booking. We are at maximum 14 people so it won’t be a big deal for us to serve each one of our guests personally. Our ultimate goal is to create an extraordinary experience of being together so before any payment, contact me on my Skype or Twitter DM. My Skype live is Brainstorm_38 and it’s always on, installed on my cell phone. In case of my rest during the night, leave me a message and I will contact you ASAP. Immediately after our chat, if all is ok, we will open the payment page exclusively for each confirmed guest.

If you don’t have any of these, contact me here.