The days of confusion are over. The days of “political correctness” are over. We say what it needs to be said and we do what it needs to be done.

For centuries we have cherished our beliefs while other nations did likewise. We respect every culture and expect the same for ourselves.

While different communities have exported their own customs, religion, language, and traditions, we don’t expect them to stop celebrating

their values. But there is no way on earth that we let anybody stop us from cherishing  OUR values.

We believe in love.

We believe in humanity.

We believe in compassion and understanding.

We want each other grow, we don’t envy, and we are not barricades to other people’s progress.

As a great manifestation of love, we say Merry Christmas.

And we gather to celebrate our love for each other, for our values and for our country.


December 23-30,





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