Registration open.

Feb 23th – March 2nd

Location: Venice & Verona


A suspension between the past and present.

Somewhere between dream and the reality, there is a one of a kind event in the world which makes you wonder. A mixture of tradition, culture, color, and mystery. You will see people transform themselves for 10 constant days and all of a sudden; Immersed in this atmosphere, you will have the impression of being out of time and space. The city looks magic, mysterious and colorful. The philosophy of this event was that higher classes could mingle with normal people without worrying about each other’s social background.

We will participate in different parades, travel with “Gondola” and eat the best seafood by the sea.


The Carnival will take place between Feb 23 to March 5, and our trip will be from Feb 23th to March 2nd. The registration is open from this moment. Max 14 seats total, the first 3 bookings as with our policy; enjoy a 30% off.


Gondola Sailors




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