We have already three first bookings for the November event. Europeans are more excited than Americans as there is no room in Europe to find conservatives. Due to the short notice for America and Australia, together with our guests, we decided to start the events in OCT and from there we will have them last week of each month. This is an outstanding opportunity for your businesses. This way, The US, Canada, and Australia will have enough time to organize.


According to our rules, the first three bookings of each trip enjoy a 30% off so for the event “Victorious November,” planned for Nov 23-30, first 3 posts are occupied, however; if you are registering with your family-partner, you can still enjoy the amazing 30% discount.


Our capacity is between 8-11 more seats for October and after that, the registration for October will be closed while next events will remain open until we reach our maximum 14 people for each trip.


For those who are not able to pay in one solution, we offer an alternative payment in 4 rates debited on your credit card. Eventually, if you pay in rates, you will pay the full price and are not be able to benefit any discount whether for the first three bookings or as a family.


As we are not satisfied with anything less than perfect, please do the courtesy to book in advance so we will be able to book the location and announce the airport in which you need to book your flight according to. More you anticipate, more we have the opportunity to be precise to choose the best and deliver an exceptional and unique service.


This is an unforgettable experience. Don’t waste your anniversaries, birthdays, and other important occasions to spend with people who have nothing to share with you and you should be careful about everything you say. let us know about the nature of your special occasion and just sit back. Our professional team knows how to surprise you.


For further information like services, refund or contact, please check the related pages.


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