We as conservatives, share the same beliefs. We are Christian, Jewish, or spiritual. We trust Donald Trump; we fight pedophilia, we want to see a great America and a great Europe with all its sovereign nations. We fight Communism, cherish the country, family, flag and the anthem. We don’t kneel for the anthem!




We want each other grow, we want freedom for each other, and we love. We have everything pleasant to be together. Where can we find a trip that we share so many things like this with all the guests??






And this is not all. Two-Three hours of our each day program will be a workshop. Our first trip “Victorious November” is from Nov 23-30 is the #War workshop and regarding what happened with Judge Kavanaugh, our approach needs to take an aggressive shift and will focus on the strategies that each one of us can work on and our action plan during and after the trip. After these daily two-three focus hours we can still bring up the issues while we have our fun programs, but we won’t be on our Pcs. Those who are not interested in our workshops and need to relax, can follow their plans and just ignore us for those hours. We will be together again right after.



It is incredible how some of Trump supporters are well educated and well mannered, and it is sad that some of these good people are alone or can’t find a place worthy enough to share their mind.



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