For each trip, we must be around at least six and max twelve-fourteen people. The first three people booking for each trip enjoy a %30 off. This will be our promise for all tours. The booking price will include your seven nights stay in a beautiful location announced by the advertisement and shown with the pictures, and the instructions will be given explicitly for each trip. Your seven-day all-inclusive meal and drink include breakfast, lunch and dinner, fruits and beverages.

If for any reason we don’t reach our threshold of minimum 6 people, you will have a 100% refund minus the payment gateaway charges which may be around 5% therefore, your refund may be around 95% of your total payment. You can choose to have a credit bonus for the next trip if you wish. If you cancel for any reason, you will have a 70% refund minus the payment gateways charges therefore, yourrefund will be around 65% of your total payment.


Food ingredients will be all fresh and provided by local farmers, fishers and livestock. For vegetarians, meals will be prepared separately by our cooks.










Bed linens and towels are all provided by the host. Our two big cars will take you from the airport, transport to the city and places on our schedule. If you want to be independent and see places which are not on our dailly program, I suggest you rent a car at the airport and enjoy your full authority over where to see. We will help you by providing you with the list of beautiful eyesights around or far.





The only things you need to bring are your clothes and your device. I recommend you bring more clothes as Some places in the mountains are really humid.



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