The total fee is around $4750 for each individual. This amount may vary due to the difference in costs of each trip and change in local prices but it will be around the same total more or less. The first three people who book for each trip will enjoy a 30% off. Families and partners may enjoy 30% off if they are not within the first three people who book an announced trip. Therefore the 30% off will benefit either first three individuals who book OR families, not both of them. Children under 13 are not allowed but children 13+ are highly appreciated as they will witness and learn how real human connections and brainy groups work. As we mentioned above, for each trip, the first three bookings will benefit a 30% off, and that is a real deal. Bookings will be open immediately after each announcement. If the location is available ahead of the announcement, we will publish it before the bookings. All depends on the availability of the location after reaching our threshold. Unfortunately, we can’t book villas with uncertainty.


For those who are not able to pay in one solution, we offer an alternative payment in 4 rates debited on your credit card. Eventually, if you pay in rates, you will pay the full price and are not be able to benefit any discount whether for the first three bookings or as a family.



Your flight tickets are not included in the price. Different distances in different states require spending different costs of travel. Your probable airports in Italy will be Milano, Rome, Florence, Sardegna, Naples or Tuscany. We will manage a shuttle service from the airport to the destination.





Cruise ships and Ski tours will be a plus and not included in the price. Those who decide to enjoy the fun will pay it separately themselves at the moment of entrance on the cruise ship or the Ski resort. However, on a trip with more people, we may be able to rent a cruise and include the price in the booking fee, but that is occasional. If we can make good deals, we will definitely do it and add the amount.





There is no definite check-in time as this is an amicable meeting and on top of that, we know you are coming from a long flight so we will be as flexible as we can. However, there may be transportation problems in winter, if you arrive at midnight. You will, however, have a shuttle service.




On the contrary, our check out must be an exact time between 10-11 am on the 8th day as we are obliged to leave the house on time.






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