There are many meetup websites and applications. What I needed were a real “human” contact and physical environment, nature and connections. I wanted real birds, real lakes and real see sights. We are humans, and Silicon Valley tech giants transformed us into machines. We need to get back to our core, we need beauty, music, sunrise, and sunset in REAL and we need to feel LIFE together again as human beings.

The locations will be my Italian Architect friends’ beautiful houses, villas, castles, and chalets. Each meeting, regarding its theme, season and availability, will be in different cities some by the sea, some on the mountain, some in wineries and farms but they will all be beautiful luxury houses scenographic enough to satisfy every taste. During our trip, again according to the season and weather conditions, we may take a cruise around the Mediterranean, ski on the Alps, diving in the sea or simply just be around our private pool and walk through the wineries or gardens.



Villas and houses will be both modern and historic so you can book depending on your taste. Historic castles, chalets, and villas will normally remind you where you really are but Italian architecture, even in its modern form is beautiful and sometimes unique as they are modern but placed in a historical context of mountains, hills, vineyards or old city centers.



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